The inspiration of Gin Creek began in 1967 with our daddy, Max DeMott. His dream of building DeMott Lake was his goal. From that dream four decades ago, sprang visions of grandeur and hope. After his death in 1969, the landscape patiently waited for the next thirty years for what has now become Gin Creek.

In 1999, sitting on the corner of DeMott Lake, a vision was shared of someday this being a place of serenity. A place where dreams would become reality and happiness would abound.

It was our time to get to work with the dream our daddy started. I’ve always said, “God landscaped this place, we just maintain it.” The name “Gin Creek” came from a combination of two thoughts. The creek that ran through this property, combined with Richie’s former profession, cotton ginning. Thus, the name of “Gin Creek” was born. The phrase, “Two Men and a Shovel” is appropriate for the personal touch that Gin Creek shares.

From the winding road to the Presley Log Cabin, Vineyards, Winery, and all stops in between, Gin Creek is truly “An Unforgettable Southern Experience.”  As one person stated, “It doesn’t matter where you stand, every view is inspiring.”

We hope your time with us is memorable.

Doug DeMott