Gin Creek – The Most Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venue in Georgia

Georgia is a popular destination for weddings in the United States. Gin Creek Plantation is South Georgia’s premier wedding venue. If you’re looking for a unique outdoor wedding venue in Georgia, Gin Creek offers breathtaking options not available anywhere else. We have three beautiful and romantic outdoor wedding venues for you to choose from. You can choose from the lovely outdoor wedding venues of DeMott Lake, RoseMott Vineyards, and Vintage Oak. They provide the perfect outdoor backdrop for your Georgia wedding.

DeMott Lake is the first of the three outdoor wedding venues in Georgia that Gin Creek has to offer you. What makes the DeMott Lake wedding venue so special is that It sits on 50 acres with a gorgeous 20 acre lake. Its views are overwhelmingly beautiful. This makes DeMott Lake a perfect destination for your outdoor wedding. The bride has two options for her outdoor ceremony. She may choose the traditional southern style Gazebo, or the Pergola which extends onto the lake. Both are beautiful Georgia outdoor wedding venues. The guests will be hypnotized by the beauty of the lake and of the love shared between the couple.

The RoseMott Vineyards outdoor wedding venue in Georgia sits on 53 acres with hundreds of grapevines. Again the couple is presented with two options for the wedding ceremony, the Grand Gazebo and the Tuscan Pergola that sits on a 5 acre pond. The RoseMott Vineyards, which were named after the plantation owners’ mother Dorothy Rose DeMott Turner, offer a more modern wedding venue vibe than the other two venues. Your guests will be mesmerized by the beauty of the location and enjoy the wonderful wine from the RoseMott Vineyards.

Finally, Gin Creek offers you the Vintage Oak as a beautiful outdoor wedding venue option in Georgia. Words cannot articulate the beauty and earthly feel of being married under Gin Creek’s 412-year-old Oak Tree. The incredible age of the tree is the perfect backdrop to symbolize the unending love that will be solemnized under its branches. You will feel surrounded by positivity. You and your spouse will be one with nature. You can just sense the history of the Vintage Oak Tree as it provides the most beautiful backdrop for the happiest day of your life. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy the beauty and shade of the Vintage Oak.

Compared to most outdoor wedding venues in Georgia, Gin Creek is reasonably priced. When you factor in the sheer size of the wedding venues coupled with each venue’s unique beauty, we believe that the Gin Creek wedding venues offer the best value of any wedding venues in Georgia. We offer multiple bridal packages that fit most budgets. There is nothing a bride could want more than the exquisite wedding venues offered at Gin Creek. One look at this plantation in Georgia, and there will be no other outdoor wedding venue in Georgia that will suffice.

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